Mission Statement

The mission of the Spartan Health Center(SHC) is to foster a healthy campus community by providing confidential, accessible, comprehensive and progressive services with a caring and individualized approach. Educational and prevention services support a holistic approach to empowering individuals to live healthy and productive lives as global citizens.

About the Spartan Health Center(an affiliate of Fort Norfolk Urgent Care- only student care provided)

SHC office 757-278-3360 (well visits). SHC Annex office 757-278-4129 (respiratory symptoms or other communicable illness symptoms, fever >100).

At the SHC and SHC Annex, enrolled NSU students have confidential visits- meaning we do not share or release your medical records without your written permission in accordance with state and federal law (HIPAA). An exception would be reporting a student in immediate danger of suicide or homicide.

All SHC or Annex visits are by appointment – nurse or provider. In person or telehealth available when medically appropriate. Please be on time. First time SHC users will need to complete new patient registration forms-so plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Masks (will be supplied if student does not have one) are required to enter SHC or Annex.

Our medical providers treat common acute illnesses and injuries –such as colds/influenza, asthma attacks, stomach “flu”, strep throat, urinary, gyn/contraception, male sexual symptoms and minor injuries.  Included services in student health fees are blood pressure or weight checks and in-house labs (urine-dip, glucose checks, strep and mono tests, urine pregnancy test, HIV testing, influenza test, wet preps, KOH-prep.  The SHC is contracted to provide no charge, urgent care for minor injuries, acute illnesses and coordinated care of stable chronic illnesses. Expanded services such as allergy injections, Pap smears, physicals, TB testing, medication injections, nebulizer treatments and outside labs (including STD tests), are subject to a charge at a reduced market rate (prices may change yearly).

When needed, we refer students to local specialists. When needed we also refer to the local ER, primarily Sentara Norfolk General Hospital (Trauma 1 level center, located 3.3 miles from campus).

Our office works in collaboration with NSU Counseling services (Phone 757-823-8173) and the O.A.S.I.S office (accessibility services and international students) (Phone 757823-8325). We strongly advise that all students with chronic illness register with O.A.S.I.S’s office in case additional resources for academic success are needed.

SHC COVID-19 Procedures to reduce risk of virus exposure to staff, students, faculty

-The SHC Annex 757-278-4129 is available for Covid19 or other communicable illnesses (separate waiting and evaluation area). Testing for symptomatic and Covid19 close contacts is available.

– All students seen in the SHC Annex or SHC need to utilize good hand hygeine procedures and have a temperature taken at sign in

-The waiting room is for use by patients only(only exception is if a caregiver is needed)

-To reduce risk of spreading virus on campus students should follow current CDC vaccination guidelines Stay Up to Date with Covid19 Vaccines , and follow all current NSU Covid19 policies.

-All students should stay up to date with routine vaccines including getting a yearly flu shot

-All students should bring a digital thermometer, hand sanitizer and adult multivitamins to school

If you feel sick, DO NOT GO to classes or events (shortness of breath, cough, fever, body aches, chills, sore throat, headache, nausea/diarrhea, loss of smell/taste, excess fatigue). Call the office 757-278-4129 or 757-278-3360 the same day. VDH Protect Your Health if Sick

Do not share personal items including food, water, lip balm, makeup or other hygiene products

-Testing for influenza, strep or mononucleosis in addition to Covid-19 PCR testing may occur

-Covid 19 testing and reporting protocols follow current Virginia Department of Health (VDH) guidelines in effect at the time of your visit. We currently report all positive Covid19 test results to VDH.

-If your home test is positive- you can easily and anonymously report it to the NIH established site MakeMyTestCount .

– Covid-19 positive students should follow current VDH and CDC isolation guidelines, take daily temperatures, and self- monitor symptoms. Call NSU Police 823-9000 or 911 if feeling confused, lips turning blue, constant chest pain/pressure, unable to breath, excessive sleepiness

Health Insurance

NSU does not currently offer either an Accident Medical Expense Benefit Plan or a Sickness Medical Expense Benefit Plan for Domestic Students.

International Students are required to enroll in an International Students Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan(s) at the time of registration – call O.A.S.I.S office for information 757-823-8325

Due to the high cost of health care, it is strongly recommended that all students be covered by some form of health insurance. This may be as a dependent on a family plan or by purchasing health insurance coverage independent of the University. Coverage may be limited to ER services if you have a different state’s Medicaid plan, Tricare Prime or Kaiser-Permanente insurance.  Check here to see if you qualify for health insurance through state of Virginia-https://coverva.org/en