Avoid the flu. Flu shots are a free covered service at any health department, physician office or pharmacy if you have health insurance. For uninsured flu shots are $35 at SHC, $30 at Norfolk Health Department.
Influenza outbreaks are high across the country. Take steps to prevent getting ill. 1- get a flu shot (will take 2 weeks for maximal protection). Vaccine has NO live virus. 2-Wash hands frequently. 3-Avoid persons coughing- use masks and request they cover their mouth. We have masks available at SHC for students. 4- get seen quickly if you have fever, headache, dry cough, body aches and fatigue.





The Spartan Health Center is conveniently located in the Spartan Station on the Campus of Norfolk State University. The Center is staffed with a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Practical Nurse and an Administrative Assistant.


Hours of Operation: 8am 5p.m., Monday – Friday

(Emergency “on-call services available by telephone)


Walk-In Hours- 8am – 10am

Summer Hours- 8am – 12pm

Phone: 757-278-3360

Fax: 757-823-2695

Be Healthy and Stay Well